“ Self-Observation or Watch and Know our inner realities as they really are”

By means of this work the following works come to be accomplished. First we have done the work of leading the noble life, since this work makes us to be a noble minded one, by means of making one to be engaged in the noble work such as this one . Second we have done the work of developing men’s strength which is the constructive seven elements of mindfulness, scrutinity, perseverance, delight, serenity, stability and equilibrium. At the same time we have done the work of having done the work of defeating men’s weaknesses and destructive ten warriors of the Satan. Third we have done the work of not only preventing the imminent threat of third world war but also the work of engagement for the inner battle against the Satan who has got ten warriors—the desire for sensual pleasures-1; the laziness of performing the wholesome deeds-2; the hungry for food-3; the craving for sexual indulgence-4; the sloth and drowsiness-5; the scaring-6; the doubt on work-7; the ungrateful and arrogance-8; the wrongly acquired offering,popularities, reverence and entourage-9 and the overestimating oneself and underestimating others-10.

The conventional outer war is the engagement of opposive parties in the battle ground. But the inner war is the engagement of opposive elements in the internal world of our hearts.

For this purpose, we can get it by means of an exercise for free of charge. And it is simly to do one more work. Yes, while breathing moment we includ one more exercise of watching-knowing our inner realities as they really are. Or we try for Self-Observation. These are the energies existing in our nostril. Yes, at our nostril there are the energy of hardness or roughness, the energy of coolness, the energy of warmth, the energy of motion, the energy of body consciousness, the energy of contact mental concmitance and the energy of feeling mental concomitance”

Out of these seven energies, I think, the coolness may be the most obvious one. If so, you try to see and know this coolness as it really is. Then you would gain many benefits from this exercise such as gaining the mindfulness and so on. If, however, you want to get more benefits it is advisable to study it in my book: “ Vipassana: The Science of Freedom from Suffering” In it, a lot of knowledges on the Vipassana can be acquired and learned in quite detail manner.

In brief, by means of developing the exercise of Self-Observastion, we employ our constructive knowing, educative, intellectual and white power to defeat the destructive,unknowing, ignorant, delusive and black power. So,this is the war of intelligence against delusion in us, or knowledge against ignorance, or intellect against stupid and it becomes the Inner War!