Knowledge Age

This is the 21st century or the knowledge age. As such, we should give priority to the knowledge. And not only for our material benefit but also for our spiritual benefit, we must give priority to intelligent instead of sheer belief . No need to be a Buddhist—more in para.11. Don’t we should be advanced than in the time of stone age?—more in para. 16.The Iraqui war—more in para. 21. What is the human being in the Buddha’s eyes—more in para.23. For the professor Rys Davic, the comprehensive and beautiful religion—27. The consructive power—28. The real powerful creator is not a person of God, but only is a powerful energy in men.—more in para. 30. Science is the God —more in para.31. Is there anything created only by the God without any one of technician —33. The real creator is the energy but not the mass of man.—34. The Buddha and the creator of Baka Brahma.—39. The process of the creation theory.—41. The peculiar event of extraordinary smiling and weeping.—43. The figurative meaning and literal meaning. —46. The assumption and the Satan’s scheme. —47. The Satan’s ten warriors.—48. The best religion for two hundred intellectuals from different back grounds.—50.

The author would like to point out that the prime mover of our time is the belief or thinking. And it would be noticed that this is not a work to make you to be a so-called Buddhist. Instead of that the author’s real objective is to tell you that we should be noticed the differents or their impacts of sheer believes and the intelligences. Of course, by the knowledge eyes the author sees some wars are the consequence of opposing one belief and another one. But the consequences of intelligences are the peace instead of war! Therefore we should see and understand the real and sufferings of our different believes. Sheer believes may be the source of war, but the intelligences can be the source of peace. Be aware of this.